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Blogging code samples a tad more easily [Updated free ConvertClipboardRtfToHtmlText tool and source code!]

Kind readers gave some great feedback on my previous post of the ConvertClipboardRtfToHtmlText tool and source code. Accordingly, I have made three small tweaks to the tool:

  • The code to detect the start of the RTF text worked only if Visual Studio's font size was set to 8pt. That's what I use, but it's not the default, so this would cause problems for most people who tried the tool. The relevant code no longer looks for a specific font-size.
  • Tab characters in the RTF text were ignored, causing layout problems for code with tabs (vs. spaces). Tabs are now auto-expanded to the mostly-standard value of 4 spaces.
  • The use of the private Color class was unnecessary because it added nothing over System.Drawing.Color. System.Drawing.Color is now used to save a few lines of code.

The sample code and tool in the previous post have been updated with these changes, so please go there to get the latest version.