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Happy Birthday, FeedWorm! [A simple, efficient (free!) Google Reader client for keeping up with RSS feeds on Windows Phone]

FeedWorm feed view

A little over a year ago, I got tired of searching for a Google Reader client on Windows Phone that worked exactly how I wanted. So I started writing one myself. My plan was to create a simple, efficient app that began by doing as little as possible - and gradually add more advanced features as time allowed. My goal was to understand the complete end-to-end experience of writing and publishing an application in the phone ecosystem.

I released the first version of FeedWorm one year ago today. It was free then; it remains free now. And while FeedWorm has a few more features today than when it started, it's still very much an exercise in minimalism (which helps keep it fast!).

To be clear, there are plenty of good Google Reader clients in the Marketplace and if one of them already meets your needs, there's little reason to switch. But if you're looking for something different - and aren't very demanding - FeedWorm might right for you. :)


[Click here to learn more about FeedWorm]