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Everything old is new again [crc-hash is a Node.js Crypto Hash implementation for the CRC algorithm]

Yep, another post about hash functions... True, I could have stopped when I implemented CRC-32 for .NET or when I implemented MD5 for Silverlight. Certainly, sharing the code for four versions of ComputeFileHashes could have been a good laurel upon which to rest.

But then I started using Node.js, and found one more hash-oriented itch to scratch. :)

From the project page:

Node.js's Crypto module implements the Hash class which offers a simple Stream-based interface for creating hash digests of data. The createHash function supports many popular algorithms like SHA and MD5, but does not include older/simpler CRC algorithms like CRC-32. Fortunately, the crc package in npm provides comprehensive CRC support and offers an API that can be conveniently used by a Hash subclass.

crc-hash is a Crypto Hash wrapper for the crc package that makes it easy for Node.js programs to use the CRC family of hash algorithms via a standard interface.

With just one (transitive!) dependency, crc-hash is lightweight. Because it exposes a common interface, it's easy to integrate with existing scenarios. Thanks to crc, it offers support for all the popular CRC algorithms. You can learn more on the crc-hash npm page or the crc-hash GitHub page.


  • One of the great things about the Node community is the breadth of packages available. In this case, I was able to leverage the comprehensive crc package by alexgorbatchev for all the algorithmic bits.
  • After being indifferent on the topic of badges, I discovered and its elegance won me over. You can see the five badges I picked near the top of on the npm/GitHub pages above.