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Flattery will get you everywhere [Html5Canvas source code now available on CodePlex!]

A few months ago, I described a proof-of-concept project and learning exercise I'd worked on to implement some of the basics of the HTML 5 <canvas> specification using Silverlight as the underlying platform: HTML 5 <canvas> announcement, fix for other cultures. As I explain in the introductory post, I didn't set out to come up with the most efficient, most complete implementation - just to get some familiarity with the <canvas> specification and see what it would be like to implement it with Silverlight. Html5Canvas was a lot of fun and even generated a small amount of buzz when I posted it...

Sample application in Firefox

Earlier today, fellow programmer Jon Davis emailed me to ask if he could put that sample up on CodePlex to share with others in the community. I replied that he was welcome to do so (all the code I post is under the OSI-approved Ms-PL license) - and soon got a reply from Jon pointing me to:

Jon has written about his motivations here - I encourage interested parties to have a read. [And I swear I didn't bribe him to say nice things! :) ] This was not the first time I'd been asked about putting the source code for HTML 5 <canvas> on CodePlex, so if you've been waiting for an opportunity like this, please follow up with Jon to see how you might be able to help contribute to the effort!