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Read a Silverlight book - with Silverlight! [SimpleSilverlightXpsViewer adaptation by Laurence Moroney]

At the bottom of the post on migrating SimpleSilverlightXpsViewer to Silverlight Beta 2, I hinted at "a cool, practical, relevant use of SimpleSilverlightXpsViewer that I'll be able to share sometime soon". "Soon" is now, and I'm happy to point readers at the "Read about Silverlight in XPS" post by Laurence Moroney in which he uses an adaptation of my viewer for showcasing the first three chapters of his new book, Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.

Here's what it looks like - just click the image to try it out for yourself:

Screen shot of the XPS Viewer adaptation

In addition to modifying the sample for his purposes, Laurence went further and integrated mouse wheel support: zooming in and out is as easy as spinning the wheel. I've got to agree that it's a very nice usability improvement!

Since releasing the XPS Viewer Sample, a few people have expressed interest in repurposing the code for something similar. Kudos to Laurence for doing a great job with this - and I love that it's being used to help spread the word about Silverlight! :)