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The blog of dlaa.me I work at Microsoft where I've helped build client, server, and web software. I blog about anything that interests me.
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@DavidAns I tweet to announce new blog posts and projects - or to comment on anything of interest.
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DavidAnson I share most of my projects on GitHub these days.
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markdownlint A Node.js style checker and lint tool for Markdown files.
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SpellV A simple app that makes it easy to spell-check with a browser.
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CoLR Camera of Last Resort; possibly worse than no camera at all...
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PassWeb A simple, secure, cloud-based password manager that's free and open-source.
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FeedWorm A simple, efficient Google Reader client for RSS on Windows Phone.
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Loupe A simple app for reviewing digital photos, picking favorites, and sharing them with others.
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TextAnalysisTool.NET A free program to view, search, and navigate large files quickly and efficiently.
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Insomnia A simple utility to prevent your computer from going to sleep.
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Résumé Teams I've been part of, projects I've worked on, positions I've held, stuff I've done.