David Anson

Work History

Manager for Azure Portal Framework, Microsoft, December 2018-Present

Responsible for framework development of the Azure Portal (analogy: kernel and shell of an OS), development team of 50+ people across multiple time zones, millions of monthly users, high reliability, globally distributed, ecosystem of 300+ partner teams, help to screen and hire new employees

Manager for Azure Portal Shell / Controls / Infrastructure Teams, Microsoft, April 2013-December 2018

Transitioned existing team from WPF to web development, created a sophisticated browser-based management UI on an aggressive schedule, includes an API/SDK and flexible back-compatibility model, team size increased from 5 to 20, oversaw release management and coordination with 100+ partner teams

Lead for WebMatrix / Web Platform Installer, Microsoft, August 2011-April 2013

As new manager, led team of 5 developers to release yearly versions of both products, oversaw integration of Azure publishing into WebMatrix/significant improvements to editing experience/support for Node.js development/lighter-weight install, coordinated delivery efforts with partner teams

WebMatrix, Microsoft, November 2010-August 2011

Introduced application extensibility model with APIs for third-party code and declarative extension points for simple scenarios, helped evangelize WPF best practices to the team

Windows Phone 7 Controls / Toolkit, Microsoft, July 2010-November 2010

Helped create Windows Phone Toolkit, authored multiple controls, provided testing and debugging of Panorama/Pivot controls, provided internal/external support for Toolkit

Silverlight Core / Silverlight Toolkit, Microsoft, October 2007-July 2010

Sponsored open-source Silverlight Toolkit to add functionality to the platform, led Data Visualization effort for Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone, wrote ContextMenu/ListBox/ScrollViewer, evangelized cross-platform XAML development internally/externally, implemented the first DirectUI control

AJAX Control Toolkit, Microsoft, February 2006-October 2007

Validated/evangelized ASP.NET AJAX platform design, released open-source Toolkit on CodePlex, engaged in significant community support, presented at conferences

MSN Messenger Server, Microsoft, July 2002-February 2006

Prototyped and integrated with AutoPilot, included ramp-up/custom builds/test beds/diagnosis/documentation/go-live, embedded with service engineers to provide feedback, conducted .NET server migration, authored configuration/logging/administration architecture, moved to parallel deployment via MSI/ADS/CLI, improved performance

Cellular Technologies Core, Microsoft, April 1999-July 2002

Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone: TAPI Service Provider and extensions/SMS API and architecture/WAP stack WDP and WTP layers and WTLS integration/Hayes AT command interpreter, stability/dogfood team, created debugging library and scripts for memory analysis, conducted on-site debugging

Pocket Internet Explorer for Handheld PC, Microsoft, February 1998-April 1999

Added JScript support via ActiveX Scripting Model, implemented IE 3 DOM, improved compatibility to HTML 3.2, performed extensive bug fixing for browser and image decoder, added NTLM authentication, improved support for frames, fixed cross-platform bugs in Terminal Server Client, merged changes into Windows 2000

Mobile Electronics Products Unit (Intern), Microsoft, May 1997-August 1997

Worked on Handheld PC and Palm-sized PC, ported GSM 6.10 CODEC with assembly-level performance tuning, fixed Pocket Excel bugs


Cornell University College of Engineering, New York, 1994-1997

Summa cum laude, B.S. in Computer Science from the College of Engineering, recipient of a Microsoft Technical Scholarship in April 1997


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, XAML, WPF, C/C++, Win32


Issued: 6826416, 6956587, 6963878, 7050408, 7084858, 7146379, 7206590, 7414615, 7433967, 7592998, 7629966, 7683889, 8665209, 9672276, 9727636

Pending: 20120324377, 20140359423, 20140372862, 20150095365, 20150095791

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