David Anson

Work History

Azure Portal Controls/Shell Team Lead, Microsoft, April 2013-Present

Oversaw team's transition to web development, created a library of UI widgets based on MVVM, built immersive/technically sophisticated SPA on an aggressive schedule, including partner SDK for extensions and run-time backward-compatibility, candidate screening and hiring

WebMatrix and Web Platform Installer Lead, Microsoft, August 2011-April 2013

As new manager, led team to release yearly versions of both products, oversaw integration of Azure into WebMatrix, significant improvements to editing experience, support for Node.js development, lighter-weight install, coordination with partner teams

WebMatrix, Microsoft, November 2010-August 2011

Introduced extensibility model consisting of APIs for third-party extensions, mechanisms for finding and installing them, and declarative extension points for simpler scenarios, helped evangelize WPF best practices

Silverlight Direct UI Team, Microsoft, November 2010

Designed and implemented the first DirectUI-specific control for Windows 8 in managed/native code, coordinated with platform team, added workarounds for missing functionality

Windows Phone 7 Controls / Toolkit Team, Microsoft, July 2010-November 2010

Support and debugging of Panorama/Pivot controls for Windows Phone 7 experience, started Windows Phone Toolkit, authored five controls, strong adoption by developer community, provided internal/external support

Silverlight Core Team / Silverlight Toolkit Team, Microsoft, July 2009-July 2010

Sole owner of Silverlight Toolkit: ContextMenu, stacked series support, performance enhancements, build system integration, multi-processor support, infrastructure improvements, Silverlight bug fixes

Silverlight Toolkit Team, Microsoft, March 2008-July 2009

Open-source Toolkit added fundamental controls to Silverlight, led Data Visualization effort, a rich/flexible offering for Silverlight 3/4, WPF 3.5/4, and Windows Phone, blogged numerous samples for the community: LayoutTransformer, SetterValueBindingHelper, HtmlTextBlock, Development Tips

Silverlight Core Team, Microsoft, October 2007-March 2008

Wrote ListBox and ScrollViewer for Silverlight 2, provided extensive feedback on framework code, evangelized cross-platform Silverlight/WPF development/testing internally and externally

MIX07 Silverlight Airlines Keynote Application, Microsoft, March 2007

Helped write the keynote application to introduce and show off Silverlight

AJAX Control Toolkit, Microsoft, February 2006-October 2007

Validated/evangelized ASP.NET AJAX platform, open-source Toolkit released on CodePlex, significant community involvement and submissions, presented at ASP.NET Connections/TechReady

MSN Messenger Server Manageability Team, Microsoft, February 2005-February 2006

Created guidelines, prototyped and integrated with AutoPilot infrastructure including ramp-up, custom builds, test beds, diagnosis, documentation, go-live, embedded with operations to provide feedback

MSN Messenger Server Team, Microsoft, July 2002-February 2005

.NET server migration, configuration/administration architecture, debug logging, migration to MSI and parallel deployment via ADS/CLI, Presence Server enhancements, significant performance improvements

Cellular Technologies Core Team, Microsoft, April 1999-July 2002

Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone, TAPI Service Provider, ExTAPI extensions, SMS API/architecture, WAP stack WDP/WTP layers, WTLS integration, Hayes AT command interpreter, stability/dogfood team, debugging library/scripts for memory analysis, on-site debugging of OS and radio stack

Terminal Server Client for Handheld PC, Microsoft, February 1999-April 1999

Fixed cross-platform bugs, merged changes into Windows 2000 code base

Pocket Internet Explorer for Handheld PC, Microsoft, February 1998-February 1999

Added JScript support via ActiveX Scripting Model, implemented IE 3 DOM, improved compatibility to HTML 3.2, extensive bug fixing for browser and image decompression, NTLM authentication, improved support for frames

Mobile Electronics Products Unit (Intern), Microsoft, May 1997-August 1997

Handheld PC and Palm-sized PC, port of GSM 6.10 CODEC and performance tuning, Pocket Excel bug fixes


Cornell University College of Engineering, New York, 1994-1997

Summa cum laude, B.S. in Computer Science from the College of Engineering, recipient of a Microsoft Technical Scholarship in April 1997


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, XAML, WPF, C/C++, Win32


Issued: 6826416, 6956587, 6963878, 7050408, 7084858, 7146379, 7206590, 7414615, 7433967, 7592998, 7629966, 7683889, 8665209

Pending: 20120324377, 20140359423, 20140372862, 20150095365, 20150095791, 20150095813

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